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Dr Archana Verma
Principal Scientist
Dairy Cattle Breeding Division, National Dairy Research Institute, KARNAL-132001.;
Current Research Area 
Molecular Genetics
  • M.Sc.
  • Ph.D.
Major Research Accomplishments

• Using the freeze-dried antiserum and the saline as a solvent along with other requirements to conduct the test, a kit “HANSA TEST KIT” has been developed to facilitate testing at the site of milk collection.

• Murrah buffaloes, k-casein locus (Exon IV) with Rsa I and Hae III REs revealed only BB genotype, ß-lactoglobulin locus (Exon IV) with Hae III and Hinf I exhibited AA genotype while bST locus Exon V with Msp I revealed only +/+ and with Alu I only L/L genotype, indicating monomorphism with respect to these loci.

• Feeding high energy diet to kids results in increased level of immunoglobulins, which is a good indicative of better resistance and in turn give early growth and better health status of kids.

• PCR-SSCP analysis of exons 2,3,4,5, 8 and 16 of Lactoferrin gene of Murrah buffaloes revealed monomorphism.

• Buffalo herd at NDRI exhibited monomorphism for all the three exons of leptin gene as revealed by PCR-SSCP analysis.

• Functional tests viz. HOST, NCDT, AR and SMAI for analysis of frozen semen of Murrah bulls revealed that the HOST score was most reliable to predict the fertility of the bulls.

• Entire 1L-8 gene of Murrah was sequenced for the first time in Murrah buffaloes, which has been found to span over 3637 bp long. On comparision to the sequence of Bos taurus, five nucleotide at positions 42, 125, 166, 234 and 272 including both exonic and intronic regions have been found. Two of the five nucleotide variations result into replacement of two amino acids tyrosine to histidine and asparagine to lysine in buffalo.

• Toll like receptor 4 coding region has been sequenced. and  three non-synonymous SNPs have been reported. PCR-RFLP analysis using Alu I, Bsp 1286I and BsHKAI exhibited polymorphism in Murrah buffaloes.

  Guidance to Students:
    M.Sc/M.V.Sc.:  6 + 1 (presently working )
    M.Phil/Ph.D:     1 + 2 (presently working)

  • Three Best Poster Presentation Awards
  • Training on “ Basic Molecular Biology Techniques” CCMB, Hyderabad
  • Summer School on “Recent Advances in Conservation and Characterization of Animal Genetic Resources, NBAGR, Karnal
  • Workshop on “Microdeletion Flourescent in situ Hybridization” AIIMS,New Delhi
  • National Training Programme on “ Genetic Improvement of Farm Animals using Advanced Breeding and Biotechnological Strategies “ , NDRI, Karnal.
  • UNDP Training on “Gene Mapping in Animals’ at University of Illinois, Urbana-Champaign, USA
Patents, Technology, Methodology, Genetic Stock, Variety, etc.:
  • A total of 36 Gene Bank Accession Numbers have been received for a number of genes in Sahiwal cattle and Murrah buffaloes.
  • Mukhopadhyay ,?C.S.,?Verma ?Archana,?Joshi?B.K. and Singh?Avtar. 2008. Prediction of fertility of Karan Fries bulls under field conditions using cryopreserved semen. Indian Journal of Dairy Science 61 (4): 277-278
  • Mukhopadhyay?C.S.,?Verma?Archana,?Joshi?B.K.,?Singh? Avtar, Chakravarty A.K. and Dubey?P. P. 2008. In vitro acrosome reaction: Its pertinence in assessing fertility of cryopreserved semen. Indian Journal of Animal Research 42 (3): 201-204
  • Mukhopadhyay,C.S. ;Verma, Archana and N. S. Sirohi (2007) Hypo osmotic swelling test to assess the Fertilizing Potential of Frozen-Thawed Semen Samples of Crossbred Bovines. The Veterinary Communications 1 :.16-21.
  • Gandhi, R.S., Singh Avtar and Archana Verma (2007) A Conceptual Model for Production and valuation of Murrah bulls in Multiple Herds using Embryo Transfer. Indian J. Dairy Science. 60, 6 : 432-434.
  • Gupta, I.D, Satyanarayana, R; V. Ronda and Verma, Archana (2008) .Bovine kappa-casein gene exon IV polymorphism in Sahiwal cattle. Indian J. Dairy Science. 61, 2 : 149-151.
  • Gupta, I.D; Satyanarayana R; Verma, Archana and Chauhan Anuj (2008). SSCP of leptin gene in Sahiwal cattle. Indian Journal of Dairy Science. 61, 1 : 47-52
  • Mukhopadhyay?C.S.,?Verma?Archana,?Joshi?B.K. and Chakravarty, A.K. 2008. Association of Sperm Mitochondrial Activity Index with Gross Seminal Parameters and Fertility in Crossbred Bulls. Indian Journal of Animal Research 42 (4): 282-284.
  • Mukhopadhyay?C.S.,?Verma ?Archana,?Dubey, P.P., Jain Rupesh and Singh, Nikhlesh. 2008. Sperm Nuclear Chromatin Decondensation Test: Its Applicability to Predict Fertility of Cryopreserved Semen Samples. Indian Journal of Animal Research 42 (4): 285-287.
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