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Southern Regional Station of National Dairy Institute is the pioneering institution in Dairying and has undergone a series of changes during its history of more than 85 years. It has its origin at Bangaluru in 1923 as Imperial Institute of Animal Husbandry and Dairying.  It was the forerunner in starting dairy education programmes to meet the manpower requirements of the Nation’s dairy industry.  Upon shifting of the institute Head Quarters to Karnal in 1955, the establishment at Bangaluru continued as the Southern Regional Station of NDRI. The station has been catering to the research, training and extension needs of the dairy farmers and dairy industry of the southern region. The Station functions with the following mandate and objectives. 

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  1. Identify the region specific problems of dairy production, processing and management on continuing basis and evolve suitable solutions
  2. Establish centers for technology development, assessment and dissemination
  3. Establish centers of advanced studies for R & D and HRD with the Station as the Southern Campus of NDRI Deemed University

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  • Faster multiplication of superior germplasm of region specific breeds of cattle and buffaloes through interventions.
  • Process upgradation for the industrial production / packaging of region specific dairy products.
  • Establishment of the regional referral centre for quality assurance of dairy products.
  • Economic analysis of various aspects of dairying and establishment of data bank for strategic development of dairying in the region.
  • Establishment of model villages with integrated development focused on dairying.
  • Transfer of technologies suitable for the crop-livestock production systems prevalent in agro-climatic conditions of the region.
  • Training of farmers and industrial entrepreneurs at technology development centers.
  • Undertake advanced HRD programmes to meet the needs of the industry.

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Extension Activities


  • Rural Extension Programme / Transfer of Technology Programme
  • Research
  • Conduct of Visitors
  • Advisory Services
  • Organising Training Programmes
  • Organising Exhibitions
  • Participation in External Exhibitions
  • Preparation/Distribution of Extension Literature


Rural Dairy Extension Programme

Institute has adopted a cluster of 18 villages in Dodballapur Road, Bangaluru District, Karnataka since 1997 under MoU with an NGO, People's Trust. Extension activities in the adopted villages include establishment of field veterinary centres with necessary infrastructure and regular availability of trained field staff for regular veterinary services.  The institute has also adopted two villages, Anajawadi Doddi and B.S. Doddi in Kanakapura taluk of Bangaluru Rural District. Anajawadi Doddi is a remote village of tribal settlement with 75 farm families whose livelihood is solely dependent on dairying.

 Extension Activities at NDRI, Southern Campus

  • Need based on-farm training programme on Scientific Diary Farming/Clean Milk Production for the benefit of the clientele group including dairy farmers, farmwomen and rural youth.
  • Training programmes on Scientific Dairy Farming / Clean Milk Programmes were organised at the institute premises for the benefit of the clientele group
  • Advisory Services on / Setting up of dairy farm/Scientific Dairy Farming were rendered to the needy clientele group 
  • Awareness programmes on Dairy production and processing aspects are disseminated to intended clientele group through exhibitions, campaigns and group meetings on Scientific Dairy Farming aspects.
  • Educative programmes on the institute activities are organised for students / farmers/ farmwomen/ dairy entrepreneurs visiting the institute round the year.
  • Extension literature in regional languages for the clientele group on Scientific Dairy Farming Practices, Clean milk production & Feeding practices for dairy animals.
  • Orientation programmes are organised for the students and trainees of the institute for initiating the course/training programmes for acquaintance


Facilities Available at Dairy Extension
  • Informative and Educative Exhibition Hall with info panels on recent advancements in dairy production and processing


  • Well-Equipped Audio-Visual Lab for Training Sessions for the Clientele groups
  • Educative Video Compact Discs on all aspects of Scientific Dairy Farming Practices / Package of Practices in Dairy Farming for the training sessions.


Extension Training Programme


  • On-Campus and Off-Campus Extension Training Programmes organised periodically for the benefit of the Clientele Groups in the Campus and in the adopted villages respectively.
  • Need-based training programmes are organised on Clean Milk Production, Green Fodder Production, Scientific Dairy Farming practices, Animal Health Care and Management of Dairy Animals.
  • The Clientele groups include Dairy Farmers, Farm Women, Rural Youth and Dairy Entrepreneurs.
  • Special programmes like ‘Trainers’ Training Programme is organised for the social workers of the Institute’s adopted villages.



Infrastructure & Facilities – Photo Gallery







Analytical Laboratory





Library - SRS






Computer lab


Setting up for PCR Amplification




PCR Amplification with Thermal Cycler




Vertical Polyacrylamide gel electrophoresis of restriction digested PCR products




Documenting the gel with Gel Doc System


Extension Photo Gallery




International trainees (from African countries) of National Institute for Micro, Small and Medium Enterprise, Hyderabad  at Cattle yard, SRS, NDRI.




Milk Producers from The Vellore-Tiruvannamalai District Cooperative Milk Producers Union ltd. on Elite Farmers Tour Programme under RKVY Scheme - at Cattle yard of SRS – demonstration on Clean Milk Production





Rural Youth Trainees of Training Programme on, “Scientific Dairy Farming” at NDRI Fodder Farm.





Model Demonstratio
Faculty Profile

Dr. B. Srinivas
Dr. D.N. Das
Dr. K. Jaya Raj Rao
Dr. P.K. Dixit
Dr. B. Surendranath
Dr B.C. Ghosh
Dr. Mrs. M.C. Arunamozhi Devi
Dr. S. Subhash
Dr. K.P. Ramesha
Dr. (Mrs.) S. Varalakshmi
Dr. C.N. Pagote
Dr. Satish Kulkarni
Dr. B.V. Balasubramanaya
Dr. M.A. Katakalware
Sh. P.H. Amala Dhas
Ms. Rekha R. Menon
Mrs. F.M.E. Emerald

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