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Workshops and Sessions on Leadership and Team Work

ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal organized workshops cum Interactive Sessions on ‘Climbing the Leadership Curve’ on August 19-20, 2017. Mr. Debashish Sarkar, Managing Partner, Proliferator Advisory and Consulting, was the resource person for these workshops cum Interactive Sessions on Leadership. The workshop was presided over by Hon’ble Dr. RRB Singh, Director and Vice Chancellor ICAR-NDRI and coordinated by Dr. Meena Malik Professor (English) and Mentor, Soft skills.

The session began with a set of questions that the students had to answer. The task sounded simple but it gave the students an opportunity to analyse themselves at every step. A few interested students also shared their views with the group. With each answered question new things started unfurling in the minds of students. All through the day the students were kept busy thinking. The aim of the session was to help the students to help themselves improve. The talk was on a wide array of topics from knowing the people next to them to the ultimate aim of life. This is when students started expressing their shortcomings and as a group, a solution was suggested to everyone in need. This talk proved a golden opportunity to people who were craving to be successful leaders.

The sessions were very inspiring, presentation was highly knowledgeable. Mr. Debashis Sarkar also gave many real life examples for making the sessions more effective and impactful. These sessions gave new insights as to how to climb the leadership curve; the importance of working in a team; traits of high performing team, how to manage a team; how to develop the power of belief; how to unlock human potential; how to shun the negativity or excuses such as health, age, intelligence and luck; what are the bad habits and how to overcome these; how we can use our talent in achieving our goals and become leader in our own area.

All the sessions had interactive element with the students, which boosted up the confidence level of students to speak up in public and within no time, the students were able to interact and started expressing themselves regarding activities given to them. At the end of the session every student had one thought etched in his/her mind, “I’m a leader in what ever I do.” All the students felt that it was too short a time to spend for such a good talk.

Dr. RRB Singh, Director and Vice Chancellor ICAR-NDRI congratulated the students for being an enthusiastic audience. Dr. Singh motivated the students to be future leaders and work as a team for the betterment of the self and the nation. Dr. Singh emphasised that leadership qualities cannot be acquired overnight but are to be inculcated in day-to-day life. He urged students to set short term goals and translate the vision into reality. Dr. Singh underlined that disciplined and balanced life is a pre-requisite to leadership. Dr. Meena Malik felicitated the speaker for the workshop-cum-interactive session and thanked the speaker for sparing his valuable time for giving new insights to the students on leadership.

Simultaneously, another session on Team Building Exercises/Games was organized by Dr. Ashish Kumar Singh (Principal Scientist, Dairy Technology Division) and Mr. Sanket Borad (Scientist, Dairy Technology Division) in Dr. D. Sundaresan Auditorium of the institute. The target audience for this exercise was the students of B.Tech (Dairy Technology) and Post Graduation (Production and Management group).

In parallel sessions, Ashish Kumar Singh and Mr. Sanket organized various games for the students i.e. Tower building, square forming, cross the acid river and think win-win, to name a few. The central idea of the first game was to apprise the students about importance of balance in life and right approach to keep that balance. ‘Cross the acid river’ game was designed so that students think and plan as per the abilities of the members of the group and support the members so as to reach a fixed target. The games were designed to broaden the horizon of the students to work in team and its importance.

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