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Workshop cum Interactive Session on ‘Beyond a Life in Classrooms–8 Must Know Truths for success’

Student Empowerment Unit of ICAR-National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal organized 2nd workshop-cum-interactive session‘Beyond a Life in Classrooms–8 Must Know Truths for success’ on 17thJuly, 2017. The resource person for the workshop was Mr. Debashish Sarkar, Managing Partner, Proliferator Advisory and Consulting and the target audience was undergraduate, postgraduate and doctorate students of ICAR-NDRI. The workshop was attended by Mr. Bobby Venugopal (Market Area Leader, South Asia Markets, TetraPack, Pune), Dr. LathaSabikhi (Chairperson and Head, Dairy Technology Division), Dr. Meena Malik (Convener, Student Empowerment Unit), , Dr. Suneel Ontero (Senior Scientist, Animal Biochemistry Division), Dr. Suman Kapila (Principal Scientist, Animal Biochemistry Division) and Dr. Neelam Upadhyay (Scientist, Dairy Technology Division).

During the session, Mr. Debashish Sarkar focused on the eight must know truths for success i.e. 1. Each one of us has a unique purpose. 2. Know your anchors (personal, professional and spiritual). 3. Establish sharp goals. 4. Event + Response = Outcome. 5. Be ready to be rejected. 6. Hangout with successful people. 7. Make reading a habit. 8. Just not technical skills.

Mr. Debashish underlined that purpose in life is essential for providing direction to our existence, while our job should not be confused or overlapped with the bigger purpose we are born for. The renowned speaker asked the students to answer some of the questions so that the students are churned enough to work towards deliberating upon their purpose i.e. 1. What are the five things you love to do? 2. What are the five things you are really good at? 3. What do you consider essential for you to do in life? 4. What is it that you would like people to say when you are not in the world? and finally 5. What is the purpose in life?

Mr. Sarkar enlightened the students that there exist three kinds of people in life and workplace. Firstly, the ones that make things happen. On being asked to give examples of such people, the students instantly replied Mr. Narendra Modi, Steve Jobs, Mr. MS Dhoni, Mr. Mark Zuckerberg to name a few. Secondly, the ones that watch what happened and wait for the instructions. Thirdly, the ones that wonder what happened and give excuses and blame others. Mr. Sarkar motivated the students to rise to the first category. Mr. Sarkar emphasised that ‘We are not a victim of circumstances, but a product of our decision’. He encouraged students to know their worth and what they are capable of doing. Mr. Sarkar focussed that values (integrity, perseverance, contribution, health, fun, passion, power, recognition, security) are rules around which we construct our lives.

Mr. Debashish motivated students to keep their goals in their wallets so that they can look at it at least three times a day and even their subconscious mind starts working towards achieving the goals. Mr. Sarkar said that road to success is filled with road of rejections and instructed students not to be afraid of rejections. He said “Rejection is a myth, rather shunning it, strengthens our resolve”. Mr. Sarkar said “Some will. Some won’t. So what. Someone’s waiting’, so one must ask for help whenever it is required”. Mr. Sarkar quoted Mr. Jim Rohn, “You are the average of the five people you spend the most time with”. Thus, motivated the students to be selective while choosing their company and advocated to avoid toxic people in life as both good and bad behaviour is infectious.

Mr. Sarkar urged that the students must read books, besides their curriculum books. He asked students to set an annual reading goal, maintain reading list, read broadly and schedule reading time daily. Mr. Sarkar apprised that the use of television and internet must be minimized.

The session ended with the final remarks from the speaker, “Just not technical skills, but execution and political skills too are equally important”.

Dr. Meena Malik and Dr. Latha Sabikhi felicitated the speaker for the interactive session. Finally, Dr. Malik thanked the speaker for sparing his invaluable time and taking such a motivating session with the students of ICAR-NDRI.

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