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Dr. M.S. Chauhan, Director
ICAR-NDRI, Karnal 132001
Phone: (Off.) 91-184-2252800, 91-184-2259002;

Fax: 91-184-2250042
E-mail: dir[dot]ndri[at]gmail[dot]com





         Dr. Manmohan Singh Chauhan has significantly contributed towards the development of Assisted Reproductive Technology such as: i) developed Embryonic Stem Cell technology and produced 5 Embryonic buffalo Stem Cell lines and 2 Spermatogonial stem cell lines; ii) ovum pick up -IVF technology in cattle and yak and produced India’s first OPU-IVF Sahiwal calf ‘Holi’ and OPU-IVF yalk calf ‘Norgyal’;  iii) developed a simple hand guided Cloning Technology in buffalo and produced 14 cloned buffaloes namely- world first cloned buffalo calf ‘Garima’, ‘Garima-II’, ‘Shresth’, ‘Swarn’, ‘Purnima’, ‘Lalima’, ‘Rajat’, Deepasha etc; and iv) established transgenic animal production methodology in  buffaloes of pharmaceutical and agricultural use. Both the OPU-IVF and Cloning Technology have gone to field.

He has been Principal Investigator (PI) of 11 externally funded projects and Co-PI of 9 inter-disciplinary and inter-institutional externally funded projects with total Rs. 23.88 crore funds granted by Department of Biotechnology, DST, NAIP-ICAR and NASF of ICAR.  He has guided (Major guide) 10 Doctoral and 9 Master’s dissertations. Besides research, he has also contributed in teaching and developed 4 courses of animal physiology and animal biotechnology for post graduate students. He is a Fellow of National Academy of Agricultural Sciences (FNAAS), Fellow of National Academy of Dairy Sciences (FNADS).

Dr.  Chauhan is recipients of Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Award by ICAR, 2015; Rao Bahadur B. Viswanath Award 2019 by IARI, New Delhi; VASVIK Industrial Award in Agricultural Sciences, 2015; ICAR-Team Award in Animal Sciences 2014; Dr. Labhsetwar Award by ISSRF- 2016; DBT Biotechnology Overseas Fellowship Award, 1997; Exemplary Research Award in Dairy Science, Virginia Tech., USA 1999; visiting scientist to Germany 2009, European Erasmus Mundus Scholarship Award in 2009; Member of Task Force, DBT Govt. of India and 2 Appreciation letter from DG, ICAR. He has organized 4 conferences (2 National and 2 International) including 12th NAAS Congress at NDRI, Karnal.  Besides this, 8 National training (21 days) was conducted. 142 original research papers and 7 books, 44 scientific and technical publications have been authored or co-authored, 34 lectures delivered in national and international conferences. He has visited different laboratories in the USA (3 times), Canada and Germany. He has been recognized by DD Kisan “Kisano ke Mahanayak (episode 18) and in Eureka program of Rajya Sabha TV

During his RMP tenure (over 3 and half years) as a Director, CIRG Makhdoom and Project Co-ordinator of AICRP on goat, 4 technologies were developed including development of Goat Semen Freezing Protocol and AI, and commercialized. Besides this, 6 new technologies were developed including NABL certified lab and some more technologies are in pipeline of commercialization. A ‘Referral Laboratory on Meat Product’s was developed with MoPI with over Rs. 3.5 crore funds. A Single Farmers Window created and over 35000 farmers have visited and took necessary information and help. In research front, 13 externally funded projects (8.66 crore fund) were fetched from DST, DBT and NASF-ICAR and 6 Scientific awards were received. Several new initiatives like 1) semen freezing and AI training for veterinary officers, 2) cross breeding program among goat breeds, 3) large scale moringa cultivation for better goat feed and 4) new research on goat genomics and Stem cell and cloning have been made by him at ICAR-CIRG, Makhdoom, Mathura (UP).

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