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Model Dairy Plant
Special Features

Quality Management System

Liquid Milk Processing/Packaging (Capacity 60000 LPD)

HRD Programmes

Ice-Cream Manufacture (Capacity 12000 LPD) KAIZENS & SGAs
Ghee Manufacturing (Capacity 800 kg per day) Visit by Dignitaries
Procurement of Milk Awards and Recognition
Training to the Students
A state-of-the-art commercial Dairy Plant has been established in the year 1996 at NDRI, Karnal installed on turnkey basis by the National Dairy Development Board. The Plant has been designed to handle 60,000 liters of milk per day and is presently running in full capacity.
Special Features
  • Model Dairy Plant is providing In-plant Training to the students of B.Tech (DT) of the N.D.R.I. Deemed University in their 3rd year of the 4-year course curriculum.
  • The students are provided with complete infrastructure for training, which help them in gaining the experience in managing a modern commercial Dairy Plant and instill confidence in handling real life problems in production management.
  • It is also providing infrastructure facilities to the scientists of NDRI for scaling up R & D concepts from the laboratory to the industrial scale under the commercial environment.

Model Dairy Plant (MDP), an autonomous unit of ICAR, is independently managed by duly constituted Committee, whose Chairman is the Director of NDRI. The other Committee Members are 1) Representative of NDDB, 2) ADG, ICAR, New Delhi, 3) Managing Director, Mother Dairy Food Processing Ltd., Delhi, The General Manager (MDP) is the convener. The Head, Dairy Technology Division, NDRI has been identified as the Coordinator in matters related to Model Dairy Plant.

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Liquid Milk Processing/Packaging (Capacity 60000 LPD)
MDP has the capacity for processing and packaging 60,000 liters of milk per day (LPD). MDP is currently engaged in processing and packaging of milk for Mother Dairy on Job- work basis for five different variants (Full cream, Standard, Toned, Double Toned & Skim Milk). MDP is presently processing & packing approximately 60,000 liters of poly packed milk for the Mother Dairy Marketing outlets in Delhi. The Plant is running in three shifts and the milk supplies from MDP are dispatched in the evening and morning to the Delhi market thereby utilizing the plant to its full capacity.
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Ice-Cream Manufacture (Capacity 12000 LPD)
MDP on the monthly average is processing/packing Ice cream approximately 7500 liters per day (LPD) for the Mother Dairy also in job-work thereby utilizing the full capacity of the unit. The production of Ice cream is further enhanced to 12000 LPD during the summer season. The Ice-cream manufactured at MDP is of different varieties like Vanilla, Strawberry, Shahi Malai, Kewra, Thandai, Butter Scotch; etc is as per the requirements of Mother Dairy. MDP is also supplying Ice cream in its brand name through the Milk Parlour of NDRI in 100 ml cups and one liter bricks. The product has been well accepted and response is quite satisfactory and encouraging.
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Ghee Manufacturing (Capacity 800 kg per day)
MDP manufactures Ghee from the surplus fat available from the standardization of milk and its production is not taken as per demand. The average production/sale of ghee is 7-8 metric tons per month which is sold through the NDRI milk parlour and local distributor appointed by MDP.
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Procurement of Milk
MDP does not have its own infrastructure for milk procurement. It is receiving milk on behalf of Mother Dairy from the units of Punjab / Rajasthan / Uttar Pradesh State Federations at NMG rates. The average milk procurement per day is around 50,000 to 55,000 LPD, which is sufficient to meet the daily demand of different milk variants being packed at MDP.
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Training to the Students
As the primary objective, Model Dairy Plant provides In Plant training to the B.Tech. (DT) students of NDRI (Deemed University). The students are provided with an In-plant training manual comprising of unit wise operation covering all the section of Dairy plant. Since its inception, MDP has provided training to the ten batches of B.Tech (DT) students. The student trainees are provided with Rs.1500 per month as stipend. MDP has spent Rs.33.00 lakhs till date on account of stipend paid to the students who have undergone training at MDP.

Students are given hands on experience for plant operations and trained to manage the shift activities of the plant under the guidance of trained technical staff.
In Plant training of NDRI students at Model Dairy Plant
YEAR B.Tech (D.T.) III Yr
Nos. / Period
Ph. D (D.T.)
Nos. / Period
2002-03 15 (01.08.02-31.07.03) 3 (17.06.02-31.07.02)
2003-04 24 (01.08.03-31.07.04) 3 (16.06.03-15.10.03)
2004-05 23 (01.08.04-31.07.05) 4 (01.07.04-31.10.04)
2005-06 26 (01.08.05-31.07.06) NIL
In addition, the students are also involved in other activities like Kaizenís (individual improvement activities), Small Group Activities etc. The feedback regarding Inplant Training, from the studentís trained at MDP and now working in different capacities with different Organisations is quite positive and encouraging.
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Quality Management System
Model Dairy Plant has been implementing the Quality Management System / HACCP principles since September 2000 and is certified under the Quality System IS/ISO 9001:2000 and Food Safety (IS 15000:1998) HACCP.
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HRD Programmes
Model Dairy Plant has well trained technical staff to handle the various operations of the plant. For further upgrading the knowledge and skills of the employee, MDP is continuously taking up HRD programs through external agencies for up gradation of knowledge and motivation of the employees and student trainees, which has been quite beneficial and helpful both to the employee and the Organisation.
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MDP has started Advisory Activities (KAIZENs) and Small Group Activities (SGA) for its continued improvements by involving the employees, students and the floor level staff. The concept has been well implemented and the employees, students and the workforce engaged at MDP, have made several improvements, by which the Organisation has benefited.
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Visit by Dignitaries
Model Dairy Plant is a place regularly visited by national and international dignitaries. Faculty members and students of different institutions also visit the plant. Visitors and dignitaries, who have so far visited MDP, have appreciated the quality of work vis-a-vis hygiene and quality training being imparted to the students of Deemed University NDRI.
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Awards and Recognition
The continuous improvements in the system have made MDP an award winning Organisation. MDP was awarded the National Productivity Award for Best Productivity Performance in Dairy Development & Production (2004-2005). The award was presented by Sh. Sharad Pawar, Híable Union Minister of Agriculture, Govt. of India in a glittering function held at Scope Complex, New Delhi on May 10, 2005 jointly to the Chairman, MDP, Dr. Sushil Kumar and General Manager MDP, Sh. B.B.Raina.
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