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Livestock Farm
Institute Cattle Yard
National Dairy Research Institute, Karnal maintains an experimental dairy herd consisting of two breeds of Indigenous cows (Sahiwal and Tharparkar), two high yielding crossbred strains namely Karan Swiss and Karan Fries developed at the institute, one buffalo breed (Murrah) and two strains of crossbred goats namely Alpine x Beetal and Saanen x Beetal. The institute livestock farm apart from being the breeding herd for the evaluation of sires and dams also caters to the requirement of experimental animals of various research projects run by the scientists as well as M.Sc. and Ph.D. scholars in production disciplines of the institute and therefore is a central facility. At any point of time the institute research herd maintains about 1600-1700 heads of livestock. To manage the day to day activities of the section the scientist Incharge is assisted by a team of dedicated scientists, technical, administrative and supporting staff.

The institute cattle yard has all the basic facilities including the loose housing structures adequate for housing over 2500 heads of livestock apart from modern state of art milking parlours (verio tendom and flat barn parlours) and a well equipped veterinary health care facility to cater to the health of the animals. The average milk production per day is maintained between 3500-4000 kg and the annual milk production varies between 13 and 14 lakh kg. All the efforts are made to maintain the productivity of all the categories of animals at high level.

The average production performance of different breeds of cattle and buffaloes maintained at the farm is as follows.
Average performance of different breeds of cows and Murrah buffaloes maintained at NDRI Karnal
Breeds Sahiwal Tharparkar Karan Swiss Karan Fries Murrah
Age at maturity (months) 25.5 26.0 23.7 22.2 32.7
Age at first calving (months) 35.4 42.4 34.6 34.2 44.1
Total lactation yield (kg.) 2266.0 2334.0 3602.0 3585.0 2258.0
Lactation length (days) 297 330 324 320 303
305 days lactation yield (kg.) 2141.0 2104.0 3316.0 3393.0 2012.0
Dry Period (days) 101 114 85 108 122
Calving Interval (days) 391 410 404 402 419
Best 305 days lactation yield (kg.) 4560.0 2894.0 7096 8338.0 4520.0
Service period (days) 107 136 117 123 113
Number of inseminations/ conception 2.19 1.94 2.11 2.1 1.95
Wet average (Kg.) 7.7 7.3 11.3 11.7 7.5
Herd Average (kg.) 5.6 5.2 9.0 9.4 5.2
Fat % 5.1 5.3 4.2 4.1 7.65
SNF % 9.2 9.1 9.2 8.9 9.98
Best Yield in a day (kg) 23.0 19.5 44.0 46.5 22.5
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