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Executive Council
Provision there under Nomination approved by the Board of Management
Director, NDRI Karnal Director  -  Chairman
Joint Director (Academic) Joint Director (Academic) - Member

8 Scientists in Research Management Position (Project Coordinator/project Director/Head of Divisions/ Sr. Professors) - at least one from each of the three groups :

  1. Dairy Production
  2. Dairy Processing
  3. Dairy Management (To be nominated by the BOM for a period of two years)

Dr. Smita Sirohi, Head, DESM Divn.
Dr. Latha Sabikhi, Head, DT Divn.

Dr. O.K.Hooda, Head, DCP Divn.

Dr. Ashutosh, I/c, FM Section

Dr. Sunita Grover, Head, DM Divn.

Joint Director( Research)  Member
Head Extn. Division Dr. Khajan Singh, Head, Dairy Extn. Divn. – Member
One rep. from the Regional Research station Incharge, ERS Kalyani -  Member
Joint Director (Admn.) & Registrar, NDRI Karnal Member-Secy.
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