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The academic year of the NDRI Deemed University is organized in terms of two semesters in a year. Each semester shall be of 18 to 19 weeks duration.

The exact dates of each semester in a particular academic year shall be decided by the Academic Council from time to time. The broad time schedule for the start of two semesters is given below:

I          Semester :  August
II         Semester :  January

There is a provision for summer vacation of approximately six to seven weeks duration during June to July, or on dates to be specified by the Academic Council. In addition to summer vacation, there is provision for inter-semester break of about 2 weeks between first and second semester on dates to be specified by the Academic Council


The University Office shall announce Academic calendar for every academic year specifying exact dates for various activities enlisted below:


Postgraduate and Undergraduate Programmes

Registration and payment of Fee & dues (For fresh students)
Registration and payment of Fee & dues (For existing students)
Orientation programme for Diploma (Dairy technology)/Diploma in AH&D/B.Tech(DT), Master's and Ph.D first year students
Commencement of Classes
Notification of vacant seats on NDRI website
Registration and payment of Fee & dues For existing students with late fee of Rs. 250/- (3 working days)
Counseling, registration and payment of fees etc. for wait listed candidates
Addition/Withdrawal of a course(s):(a) Addition of a course(s): 10 days after registration/start of course work with a fee of Rs. 100/-per course (b) Withdrawal: 10 days from expiry of mid term or 6 weeks before commencement of final examination.
Extra-curricular activities /Sports day/ Annual Day/ youth Festival/Reverie
Late date for semester registration with late fee of Rs. 500/- per day
Teacher's Day
Suplementary Examination
Submission of statement of courses offered by the students to COE
Date of mid Term Exam
'Make-up' of mid Term Exam
Comprehensive Examinatiobn of eligible students
Deadline for submission of Migration Certificate by fresh students
National Agriculture Education Day
Last day of Instructions for 1st Semester
Commencement of semester end examination
Last date for submission of marks of semester by the Head of Division to COE ( in one lot)
Last date for declaration of result for 1st semester by the Controller of examinations
Registration and payment of fees & dues
Commencement of Classes for 2nd Semester
Registration and payment of fees & dues with late fee of Rs.250/- (3 working days)
Late date for semester registration with late fee of rs. 500/- per day
Supplementary Examination
Date of Mid Term examination
'Make-up' of Mid Term examination
Submission of statement of courses offered by the students to COE
Last day of instructions for 2nd Semester
Comencement of Semester End Examinations
Last date for submission of marks of semester  by the  Head of Division to COE (in one lot)
Last date for declaration of result by the Controller of examinations
  1. All students must be present in person for registration.  No registration in absentia will be   allowed without prior permission of competent authority.
  2. After the last date of 2nd semester University Examination during summer break, there will be In-plant Training (DP-400)/In-farm Training (LP-400) for all M.Sc. 1st year students who have passed the qualifying examination i.e. B.Sc. with basic sciences or B.Sc.(Ag.) without animal sciences as electives, for a period of 5 weeks.
  3. The date for submission of thesis by M.Sc. students is 7th June without late fee,  8th to 14th June with late fee of Rs. 250/-.  The students may also be permitted to submit thesis/dissertation after 14th June to 31st July i.e. before the start of next semester with a late fee of Rs. 500/- only.  Head of Division may ensure that the thesis is submitted within the 7th to 14th June so that thesis could be evaluated timely, and this will be helpful to the student(s) seeking admission for higher studies.   In case the dissertation is submitted after commencement of the next semester, the student will register himself/herself for that semester and pay fees except the dissertation full fee. The students must check their all academic requirements including clearing of research credit requirement, non credit courses, Physical Education etc.
  4. A teacher/course instructor shall maintain a record of students in attendance register from first day and send the report of shortage of attendance to the HOD.  The marking of attendance will be by number, only absent will be marked as “A”.  A student shall be required to maintain a minimum of 75 % attendance separately for theory and practical.  No further relaxation will be granted under any circumstances.  A student who has not obtained required percentage of lectures/practical’s etc. will not be eligible to appear in the examination. PG student has to mark attendance with Major Advisor/Head of Division.  The Head of Division will be responsible for bringing the notice of shortage of attendance in all courses after mid-term to the student and the course teacher.  The shortage of attendance may be relaxed by Joint Director (Academic) if the student(s) is deputed to represent Institute in any case for extra-curricular activity etc.  The maximum absence in such activities should not exceed 15 days in a semester.  The Head of Division will arrange the missed classes/examination of students.
  5. The student will be allowed registration at the ensuing semester only on production of "No Dues Certificate" from the Chief Hostel Warden and sport coordinator.
  6. If date(s) indicated above is a holiday, next working day is applicable.

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