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Extracurricular Activities and Student Welfare
Sports, Recreation and Cultural Activities
The students of NDRI Deemed University are always encouraged to participate in activities outside the classroom that enrich the cultural, physical and social life of the students. Spacious playgrounds along with a newly built stadium are provided near the studentís hostels and necessary facilities exist for various outdoor games and athletic events. There are facilities also for indoor games in each hostel. There is a studentís sports fund to which every student subscribes at the beginning of each year a sum of Rs. 100/- as sports fee at the time of Registration. The amount so collected are used for improving sports facilities and promoting literary activities amongst the students including the publication of the students magazines namely ďMILK TRACKĒ. The students are also encouraged to participate in basic/advanced youth leadership camps, hiking, trekking, mountaineering/Ice climbing courses, poetical recitation, music competition/youth festivals/games and sports etc. organised by this Institute and participation in other universities to represent NDRI.
Studentís Welfare Fund
With a view to tendering financial aid to students in distress and to support other studentís activities, a Student Welfare Fund has been instituted. All students are required to contribute yearly fund along with the fee at the time of Registration as prescribed by the University time to time. Details regarding the fund are as given below:

  1. To grant aids to students in the event of distress to meet Tuition fee, Hostel fee, Exam fee etc.
  2. To advance loan to individual students in case of necessity arising due to delayed payment of their salary, scholarships, etc.
  3. To grant loan to meet the railway fare on study tour.
  4. To grant loan in emergency conditions while the student has to go his home suddenly.
  5. To grant loan for purchase of a cycle/books or for any other special purpose approved on merits by the Chairman of the Fund.
  6. Medical Aid.
  7. To grant financial assistance to any other studentís activity deemed desirable by the administrative body.


The Fund will be administered by a committee henceforth to be known as Studentís Welfare Committee and will comprise:
1. Joint Director, Chairman
2. Registrar
3. Chief Hostel Warden
4. Financial Advisor to Students (Nominated by the Joint Director/Secretary & Treasurer)
5. Two members from the Faculty. (Nominated by the Joint Director)


1. Sanction of loan

  1. Students desirous of availing this loan will have to submit their applications to the chairman of the students Welfare Committee through the Secretary of the committee on a prescribed form.

  2. Ordinarily, the amount of the loan to meet the objectives 1 to 4 & 6 shall not exceed Rs. 500/- for any individual student. However, for objective 5 the maximum amount payable would be Rs. 800/- for cycle and 1000/- for books. The amount of the loan will be determined and sanctioned by the chairman of the studentís welfare fund on merit and other existing rules, and subject to availability of funds.

  3. Normally, not more than one application for loan will be entertained from the same student during a semester unless all the previous dues have been paid.

  4. The student Welfare committee would ordinarily meet in the beginning of each semester to consider the formal approval of the expenditure and loan given to the students during the previous semester.

  5. The sanction of the loan will be intimated to the student concerned who will collect the money from the Financial Advisor, Students Welfare Committee, after due acknowledgement.

2 (A) Deposits and Withdrawals
  1. All the contributions to the fund will be deposited in any branch of a Nationalized Bank as a Savings Bank Account.

  2. All money transactions will be made by the Financial Advisor, Students Welfare Committee. The bank account will be operated jointly by the Chairman and Secretary.
†† (B) Audit

The accounts of the Students Welfare Fund will be audited by an officer appointed by Joint Director.

3. Refund of the Loan
  1. The students will be required to refund the loan granted under objectives 1 to 4 and 7 within three months from the date of receipt of the loan. In any case the students must refund the loan within six months from the date of receipt of the same.

  2. The loan sanctioned and paid against objective no. 5 will be repaid in eight/ten installments of Rs. 100/- each commencing from, one month after the receipt of the loan or before submission of the thesis or on encashment of bills whichever is earlier.

  3. No interest will be chargeable on the loan granted.
Explanatory Note:

Chairman of the fund may at his discretion, grant the continuing studentís loans, subject to the maximum and the other restrictions provided in the rules, to cover expenses on payment of the mess dues and railway fair for undertaking a journey to home town at the commencement of/during the vacation.

  1. Abuse of the facilities granted by the Students Welfare Fund will render the students liable to severe disciplinary action.

  2. Any item not covered by the above rule will be decided by the Students Welfare Committee whose decision will be final and binding.
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