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Dairy Technology
Current Research Projects Courses Offered
Facilities Available Centre of Advanced Studies in Dairy Technology
Faculty Profile
The inception of Dairy Technology discipline at this Institute may be traced back to the very establishment of the then Imperial Institute of Animal Husbandry & Dairying in Bangalore during 1923. During the formative years, plant and machinery was set-up for processing of milk and conversion into products like cream, butter, ghee and cheese. In the first two decades, processing of milk and milk products was done only for meeting the needs of the military establishment in Bangalore. Another objective of the Institute was for developing human resource for managing nascent dairy industry in India. The educational curriculum led to the award of Indian Dairy Diploma for the managerial and supervisory core of the Dairy Industry. Most of the R&D work done upto 1940 was on pasteurization of milk and extending the keeping quality of butter and ghee. During the tenure of Dr. W.L. Davies as the Director of Research, emphasis on R&D strengthened and the Institute was rechristened as the Imperial Dairy Research Institute in 1941. R&D activities in the filed of Dairy Technology were further strengthened with the establishment of a Research Laboratory. In 1943, when Mr. H.C. Verma joined as the Dairy Technologist, research was initiated on preservation of milk during long distance transportation and standardization of the process for the manufacture of desi ghee from curd.
With the appointment of Dr. S.C. Ray as the Dairy Technologist in 1946, R&D linkage was established with research scheme for conducting studies on the manufacture of milk powder at Government Research Creamery at Anand (Gujarat). Dr. Ray further expanded the scope of research activities to cheese and upgrading the existing methods for the manufacture of indigenous dairy products, mainly desi ghee, khoa and chhana. In 1955, when the headquarters of NDRI was shifted to Karnal, a make-shift Dairy Processing Plant was established in the old barracks.

In 1961, the present Experimental Dairy was built and laboratories of Dairy Technology Division were shifted to their current location.
Dairy Technology discipline at NDRI spearheads the Nation’s most prestigious under-graduate programme in Dairy Technology and provides elite ‘human resource’ for various managerial positions in the industry. The main R&D thrust of Dairy Technology Division has been on the development of appropriate technologies for processing of buffalo milk which possesses different processing properties than cow milk and for which technologies already developed in the advanced countries of the world could not be adopted as such. This division has also developed an impressive Technology Bank for the product diversification in Dairy Industry and has evolved technologies for a wide range of cheese and fermented milk products, concentrated and dried milk products, traditional dairy products, special dietary dairy foods, dairy analogues, convenience foods and by-products. The major objectives of the division are as under:

To provide R&D support to the dairy industry for new product and process development.

To assist the Nation’s dairy industry with technological support for problem-solving to promote greater productivity and efficiency.

To participate in the Nation’s Human Resource Development programmes by conducting under-graduate and post-graduate courses of the NDRI Deemed University.

A premier division of the Institute, Dairy Technology Division is involved in teaching, research and consultancy activities. The division has made significant contributions to the developments of technological know-how for the dairy industry. It was identified as a key component of the UNDP Centre of Excellence in Dairy Processing. The Indian Council of Agricultural Research has recognized the Division as Centre for Advanced Studies (CAS) in Dairy Technology since 1994. Through these efforts a large number of teaching faculty of the SAUs and research scientists have been exposed to the latest developments in the field of dairy technology. The Division has organized 21 training courses under CAS programme. The notable achievements of the division are development of innovative processes for improved traditional dairy products including instant rasmalai mix, instant gulab jamun, basundi mix, gulab jamun mix powder, khoa powder, instant kheer mix, dahi dessert mix, misti dahi, long life paneer, long life dalia dessert, Arjuna herbal ghee, dietetic burfi and ice cream, special foods such as fruit dahi & fruit lassi, infant food formulations to suit the requirements of different groups of babies, different varieties of cheese from cow, buffalo and goat milk and their admixtures, dairy byproducts like edible casein and caseinates, whey protein concentrates, whey powder, lactose, development of ready to reconstitute whey based kinno juice mix, whey based lassi, soy and beverages, formulated foods such as malted milk food, soybean based weaning food, low fat table spreads, egg-less cake mixes and by-products based pizza loaf mix. Analytical tests/methods for preservation raw milk have been extensively studied in the division and a process has been standardized for the preparation of tablets for activation of LP system. Studies on modified atmosphere packaging of Mozzarella cheese, pizza and paneer have been successfully carried out. Environment-friendly packaging of dahi has been developed. The division has ample expertise in the area of membrance technology. Processes using this versatile processing tool for the manufacture of several products such as paneer, shrikhand, chhana, rassogola etc have been standardized. Biotechnological applications to utilize modified microorganisms and enzymes for production of cheese and fermented milk with improved sensory, biochemeical, textural and probiotic attributes is another current research priority. Presently, the thrust of R&D work is on utilization of dairy by-products in the manufacture of health foods, low-fat-cheese, processed Mozzarella cheese, milk based rice and wheat desserts, whey utilization, non-dairy whiteners and special dietary products, dairy jam, paneer curry mix and packaging of dairy products, including modified atmosphere packaging (MAP).

The Division of Dairy Technology has received a number of National and International Awards in recognition of the outstanding scientific contributions made by the scientists and students, some of which include, Rafi Ahmed Kidwai Awards, Jawaharlal Nehru Awards for P.G. Agricultural Research, Hari Om Ashram Trust Awards, CSIRO Jubilee Fellowship, DAAD Fellowships, Humboldt Fellowships, Rishab Shree Award, Nestle Young Scientist Award, UGC Research Award, UNU Fellowship, Fellowship of NAAS, International Professional Women Organisation Award, Norman Borlaug Fellowship, etc.

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Current Research Projects

Institute Projects in Progress

  1. Evaluation of dairy conjugates as effective emulsifiers for the delivery of herbal bioactives (PI: Dr. Latha Sabikhi) 2014-17
  2. Development of low sodium cheese varieties (PI: Mr. Yogesh Khetra) 2014-17
  3. Shelf-life extension of Aloe vera supplemented probiotic lassi by non-thermal interventions (PI: Dr. Shaik Abdul Hussain) 2014-17
Externally Funded Project
  1. Technology of heart friendly herbal-milk smoothie with prophylactic effects against CVD and associated risks (Funding agency: Ministry of Food Processing Industries; Sanctioned grant: Rs. 43.46 lakhs; Duration: January, 2016 to December, 2018)
  2. Electrospun Smart O2 Sensor for Modified Atmosphere Packaged Dairy Products (Funding agency: ICAR Extra Mural Research Project Scheme;  Sanctioned grant: Rs. 33.31 lakhs; Duration: February 2016 to December, 2018)
  3. Establishment of Agri-business incubators (ABI) (Funding agency: National Agricultural Innovation Fund; Sanctioned grant: Rs. 79.15 lakhs; Duration: 2015-2017)

Post Graduate Students’ Research
  1. Studies on carbohydrate- and protein-based edible coatings (packaging) for deep-fried paneer
  2. Studies on chitosan-based films for dairy food packaging
  3. Studies on shelf life prediction of micronutrient fortified barley-milk-based nutrimix
  4. Development of Quarg type cheese by replacing milk fat with vegetable oils
  5. Development of low sodium processed mozzarella cheese
  6. Indian farmstead artisanal cheese
  7. Enzyme-mediated texture improvement of dahi
  8. Storage stability of thermally processed milk added with vitamin A and iron
Institute Research Projects completed in 2015-16
  1. Effect of packaging materials and modified atmosphere packaging on the shelf life of selected composite dairy foods (PI: Dr. P.N. Raju)-2012-15
Institute Research Projects completed in 2014-15
  1. Process development for the production of functional butter
  2. Formulation of ready-to-serve breakfast smoothie
  3. Development of mixed- fat and cheese based spreads using dairy and non-dairy functional ingredients
  4. Technology development for manufacturing of Kheer Mohan 

Externally Funded Research Projects Completed in 2014-15

  • Novel approaches for production of nutraceuticals from milk and Indian herbs for potential use in functional dairy foods (NAIP funded)
  • A value chain on composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes (NAIP funded)
  • Development of e-courses  for B. Tech. (Dairy Tech.) degree programme (49 e-Courses up-loaded on-line NDRI & ICAR websites for teachers & students of B.Tech (Dairy Technology); Also off-line delivery through CDs) (NAIP funded)
  • Establishment of Business Planning & Development Unit at NDRI, Karnal (now institutionalized in the new 5 year plan) (NAIP funded)
  • Development of geriatric dairy foods having prophylactic attribute against Alzheimer’s disease (DST funded)
  • Investigation on high pressure induced effect on quality characteristics of buffalo milk (NFBSFARA funded)

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Facilities Available
  • Membrane Plants: UF and MF
  • High Speed Homogenizer
  • Rotory vacuum evaporator
  • Kulfi making machine
  • Precision water bath
  • Deep freezers
  • Hot chocolate dispenser
  • Sensory Evaluation laboratory
  • Package Testing laboratory
  • Colour measurement
  • Texture analyser   
  •  Shear rate-controlled viscometers
  •  Visco-amylograph
  • High shear mixer
  • Lyophiliser
  • Refrigerated centrifuge
  • Spectrophotometer

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Centre of Advanced Studies in Dairy Technology
Sr. No.

Title of the Training Programme

Name of the Coordinator


Technological advances in utilization of dairy by-products
Dr. V.K. Gupta, Principal Scientist, Dairy Technology Division
28 Feb – 18 Mar, 2008


Sensory and related techniques for evaluation of dairy foods
Dr. A.K. Singh, Senior Scientist,
Dairy Technology Division
17 Jun –
7 Jul, 2008


Advances in processing and quality assurance of dairy foods
Dr. Chand Ram, Principal Scientist, Dairy Microbiology Division
22 Mar – 11 Apr, 2011


Technological developments in cheese and fermented dairy foods
Dr. S.K. Kanawjia, Principal Scientist, Dairy Technology Division
5 – 25 Jul, 2011


Innovative trends in dairy and food products formulation
Dr. Latha Sabikhi, Principal Scientist, Dairy Technology Division
10-30 October, 2012


Innovative Approaches in Processing and Packaging of Milk and Milk Products
Er. P.S. Minz, Scientist, Dairy Engineering Division
19 July – 8 Aug, 2013


Advances in Production, Functional, Rheological and Quality Aspects of Traditional Dairy Products
Dr. Kaushik Khamrui, Senior Scientist, Dairy Technology Division
8-28 October, 2013


Engineering interventions in processing and value addition of milk and milk products
Dr. P.Barnwal, Er. P. S. Minz, Dr. P. N . Raju, Dr. S. A. Hussian
3–23 Jul, 2014


Designing New Age Dairy Foods
Mr. Sathish Kumar, M.H., Dr. Shaik Abdul Hussain, Mr. Gunvantsinh Rathod
28 Nov– 18 Dec, 2015

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Courses Offered


No. Course No. Nomenclature
1. DT- 121 Market Milk
2. DT-211 Traditional Dairy Products
3. DT-212 Ice-Cream and Frozen Desserts
4. DT-213 Fat-rich Dairy Products
5. DT-214 Cheese Technology
6. DT-225 Food Technology
7. DT-226 Condensed  & Dried Milks
8. DT-227 By-Products Technology
9. DT-228 Packaging of Dairy Products
10. DT-321 Judging of Dairy Products
11. DT- 322 Dairy Plant Management & Pollution Control
12.   In Plant Training 1
13.   In Plant Training 2

M.Sc./M.Tech (Food Science and Nutrition)
No. Course No. Nomenclature
1. FN-611 Principles of Food Processing
2. FN-614 Food and Nutritional Biochemistry
3. FN-612 Food Chemistry
4. FN-613 Food Microbiology
5. AB-611 Basic Biochemistry
6. AB-613 Biochemical Techniques
7. FN-622 Impact of Food Processing on Nutrition
8. DT-624 Functional Foods and New Product Development
8. FN-623 Human Dietetics
9. FN-621 Technology of Processed Foods
10. FN-624 Food Quality Analysis
11.   Credit Seminar

Sr. No. Course No. Nomenclature
1. DT- 711 Advances in Lipid Technology*
2. DT- 712 Advances in Protein Technology
3. DT- 721 Process control and Product Monitoring*
4. DT- 722 R & D Management in Dairy Industry*
5. DT-723 Advances in Carbohydrate Technology
6. DT- 719 Doctoral Seminar-1
7. DT-729 Doctoral Seminar-2
* Interdisciplinary courses

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Faculty Profile
Dr. Latha Sabikhi Principal Scientist & Head
Dr. R. R. B. Singh Principal Scientist
Dr. A. K. Singh Principal Scientist
Dr. Kaushik Khamuri Principal Scientist
Dr. P. Narender Raju Scientist
Dr. Yogesh Khetra Scientist
Dr. Ganga sahay Meena Scientist
Dr. Parteek Sharma Scientist
Dr. Sahail Abdul Hussain Scientist
Dr. Writdhama G Prasad Scientist
Dr. Sanket Girdharbhai Borad Scientist
Dr. Neelam Upadhyay Scientist
Dr. Gunvantsinh Rathod Scientist
Mr. Manoj Kumar C.T. Scientist
Dr. Sangita Ganguly Scientist
Dr. Heena Sharma Scientist
Dr. S. K. Kanawjia Emeritus Scientist

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