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Dairy Chemistry
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The mandate of the Division is to conduct fundamental and applied research for understanding chemistry of milk and milk products, to impart educational programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and to provide R&D support towards chemicalquality control related problems of the dairy industry. The Division has contributed significant knowledge on the chemistry of milk and milk products. The salient achievements are: evaluation of physico-chemical properties of buffalo milk and alteration in its calcium and casein levels and micellar stability enabling manufacture of satisfactory products like cheese, condensed milk and rasogolla; humanization of buffalo milk and glyceride structure of buffalo milk fat; evaluating role of phospholipids in stability of dairy products; revealing chemistry of ghee and ghee residue flavour; antioxidant properties of ghee residue; chemical makeup and structural integrity of milk fat globule membrane; influence of various processing parameters on the major minerals and trace elements and their partitioning; rapid and simple methods for the determination of SNF in milk; formulation of quality standards of milk and milk products now prescribed by the Central Committee of Food Standards under the Ministry of Health as well as Bureau of Indian Standards; modification of Gerber test for simultaneous estimation of milk fat and availability of fat for detection of adulteration; simple tests for the detection of adulteration of milk and milk products; methods of manufacturing of butter and cheese colour from annatto seeds; preparation of rennet from fistulated calves and vegetable sources; structure and bacteriostatic role of lactoferrin; characterization and crystallization of buffalo lactoperoxidase; functional properties of WPC; renovation of rancid ghee and role of antioxidants in enhancing the shelf life of fat rich dairy products; effect of processing treatments on vitamins; status of pesticides and antibiotic residues in milk and milk products; methodologies for non-dairy whitener, low fat frozen dessert, calcium fortified milk, coconut filled Gouda cheese and low cholesterol ghee; a platform test for detection of detergent in milk; a colour based test to detect adulteration of milk with 2.5 to 10% soya milk; a multi-purpose device for dialysis; buffer exchange and concentration.

Different analytical methods developed for testing of milk and milk products: Strip based tests developed for the detection of added urea and neutralizers in milk; Method developed for vegetable oil detection in ghee using RP-HPTLC; An analytical protocol developed for the estimation of vitamin D2 in fortified toned milk and based on physico-chemical properties different methods assessed for detection of soybean oil and buffalo body fat in ghee. Antimicrobial peptides identified from skim milk by fermentation using selected proteolytic lactobacillus strains including ?S1-CN (24-34), ?-CN (197-209), ?-CN (199-209), ?-CN (193- 207). Buffalo ?s -casein hydrolysates assessed for their antioxidant activity. Process for preparation of curcuminnanoemulsion optimized using milk proteins and assessed for antioxidant activity in animal model system. The Division has state-ofthe-art Seminar room and Lecture room, Quality control lab, Undergraduate and Postgraduate labs, Instrument room, Research labs (lipids, proteins and bioactive peptides, minerals, functional foods/ neutraceuticals and quality assurance).

Research Activity & Achievements
Important research findings

(A) Chemical quality assurance of milk and milk products

  1. Paper strip based tests for rapid detection of adulterants in milk (neutralizer, urea, glucose, hydrogen peroxide and maltodextrin) have been developed. The detection limits of this strip have been ascertained and which are 0.04% for neutralizer, 0.08% for added urea, 0.03% for glucose, 0.005% for hydrogen peroxide and 0.05% for maltodextrin.
  2. A colorimetric test was developed for detection of melamine in milk using Gold nanoparticles. Under optimized conditions, gold nanoparticles are highly specific for melamine and can detect melamine up to a concentration of 0.05 mg L-1.
  3. New colour based test for rapid detection of detergent in milk
  4. A colour based method for detection of ‘soymilk’ in milk
  5. A method for estimation of urea in milk using ammonia sensing electrode 
  6. Kit for detection of milk adulteration
  7. A Method was developed for vegetable oil detection in ghee using RP-HPTLC.
  8. A colour based method for detection of adulteration of vegetable oil in ‘desi ghee’
  9. A method for detection of vegetable oil in milk using a specially designed butyrometer – adopted by BIS
  10. Rapid methods for isolation of cholesterol in ghee and its estimation through enzymatic and non-enzymatic diagnostic kits
  11. An analytical protocol was developed for the estimation of vitamin D2 in fortified toned milk.
  12. Analytical methods developed for the determination of aspartame, acesulfame-k and saccharin in whey based sports beverage
  13. Methods for simultaneous isolation of multiple sweeteners & their degradation products & their analysis over HPLC in a single run
  14. Two simple colour based methods were developed for ascertaining the heat treatment of milk around 80° C.

(B) Functional Dairy foods/ Nutraceuticals

  1. Developed Integrated membrane reactor based method for production of buffalo ?S-casein hydrolysate with antioxidant, iron (II) chelation and Angiotensin converting enzyme (ACE) inhibition activity
  2. Antimicrobial peptides were identified from skim milk by fermentation using selected proteolytic lactobacillus strains ?S1-CN (24-34), ?-CN (197-209), ?-CN (199-209), ?-CN (193-207).
  3. Two antioxidative peptides produced from action of proteinase from L. helvetics NCDC 288 on casein were identified as ?-Casein (94-105) and ?S1-CN (1–13).
  4. A process was optimized for production of caseinophosphopeptides viz. ?s1 - CN(37-58), ?s1 -CN (35-58), ?s1 -CN (43-58), ?s2 -CN(2-21), ?-CN(2-27) by hydrolyzing buffalo casein with digestive enzyme.
  5. Developed process for generation of antioxidant peptides using cell envelope proteases
  6. Developed process for preparation of whey protein hydrolysate based ingredients
  7. A method was standardized for isolation of GMP from buffalo milk
  8. A process for preparation of curcumin nano emulsion optimized using milk proteins and assessed for antioxidant activity in animal model system.
  9. Nanoemulsions encapsulating clove oil using milk proteins were prepared and assessed for their antimicrobial activity
  10. Low- Cholesterol ghee Technology
  11. Technology for preparation of micronutrients (Iron and Vitamin A) Fortified Milk
  12. Lactose-mineral complexes developed and evaluated for  physico-chemical & techno - functional attributes 
  13. Microencapsulation of flaxseed oil for the fortification of omega-3 fatty acids in dairy products
  14. Developed Iron and vitamin A fortified pearl millet based weaning food
  15. Process for preparation of strawberry pulp fortified probiotic dahi was developed, with enhanced viability of probiotic organism
  16. Process for low fat low calorie polyphenol fortified functional dahi was developed
  17. Technology was developed for buffalo skimmed colostrum powder based on freeze drying
  18. Technology for high antioxidant based fruit whey beverages

Technologies – Patents Granted

  • Technology for Low Cholesterol Ghee preparation. Patent No: 257783. Date of grant: 01/11/2013. For 20 Years from: 27th April, 2006.

 Technologies – Patents Filed

  1. Microencapsulated flaxseed oil powder and a method of preparation thereof (2030/DEL/2014)
  2. A strip for detection of maltodextrin in milk and process for the same. (2097/DEL/2014).
  3. A strip for detection of added urea in milk and process for the same (3472/DEL/2013)
  4. Caseinophosphopeptides enriched Ingredient from buffalo casein. Patent Application No. 331/DEL/2013, published on 22/08/2014
  5. Aptamers specific for aflatoxin M1 and aflatoxin B1 (1864/DEL/2013)
  6. A qualitative and quantitative test for detection of anionic detergent in milk and like (3677/DEL/2011)
  7. Aptamer specific for betacasomorphin 7 (BCM 7) (3703/DEL/2013)
  8. A Kit for detection of detergent in milk (1970/DEL/2006)
  9. A kit for detection of adulteration of milk with soymilk (396/DEL/2009)
  10. Process for Calcium enrichment of Buffalo Milk (735/DEL/2006)
  11. Process for low fat frozen dessert using starch hydrolysate
  12. Synbiotic ice-cream 2729/DEL/2009 dated 30.12.2009
  13. Process for coconut cream filled Gouda Cheese(2737/DEL/2006)
  14. A multipurpose device for concentration, dialysis and buffer exchange of protein solution and a process for the same Application No. 1703/Del/2006 Dated 25-7-2006
  15. Process for Spray–dried Non-dairy coffee whitener (1125/DEL/2005)
Technologies commercialized
  1. Strip based test for detection of neutralizer in milk
  2. Strip based test for detection of urea in milk
  3. Strip based test for detection of glucose in milk
  4. Strip based test for detection of hydrogen peroxide in milk
  5. Strip based test for detection of maltodextrin in milk
  6. A new test for detergent detection for milk
  7. Low Cholesterol Ghee
  8. Detection of Detergent in Milk
  9. Calcium enrichment of milk
  10. Adulteration detection kit
Trainings Organised
  1. Training on “Reversed- Phase Thin layer chromatographic method of detection of vegetable oils/ fats in ghee” was imparted to Mr. A. K. Gupta, G.M. Works from  Jhandewala Foods Pvt Ltd – Jaipur.
  2. Short training on “Analysis of milk, milk products and cattle feed” for dairy personnel from Directorate of Dairy Development, Kerala, 10 – 17 January, 2014
  3. Dr. Mohd. Bahagat Moustapha from Egypt for training at NDRI during April 8-20, 2013
  4. Training programme on Chemical & Microbiological Quality Assurance for Dairy Supply Chain during May 1 -7, 2013
  5. Lateral flow Training for trainees from ICRISAT, Hyderabad, 16-18 August 2013
  6. Winter school on Chemical analysis of value added dairy products and their quality assurance 11th  to 31st Jan. 2011
  7. Summer school on Recent advances in analytical techniques and innovative approaches for quality assurance and safety of dairy foods 7th   to 27th  July 2009
  8. Consultancy training programme for personnel’s of Punjab Dairy Development Board, Chandigarh on “Chemical Testing of Milk & Milk Products and Compound Cattle Feed” held by dairy chemistry division from 28th July – 3rd August, 2009
Teaching activities


  1. State of the art air conditioned Seminar room, Lecture room equipped with interactive board, LCD projectors, visualiser, Podium
  2. Teaching labs – 2(equipped with Spectrophotometers, Balances, Analytical balances, Water baths, Incubators, Ovens, Muffle furnaces, Centrifuges etc. and LPG connection.

Teaching manual from Dairy Chemistry available at ATIC for sale

  1. Arora, S; Sharma, V; Wadhwa, B. K; Sharma, G. S; Singh, A. K. and George, V. (2007) Laboratory manual on analysis of artificial sweeteners in dairy products
  2. Rajesh Bajaj, R.B. Sangwan, Bimlesh Mann (2007) A Laboratory manual on chemical analysis of milk proteins
  3. Sharma, V; Arora, S; Lal, D and Wadhwa, B. K (2007) A Laboratory manual on analysis of milk lipids (ghee) 
  4. Bimlesh Mann, Rajesh Kumar Bajaj and R.B. Sangwan (2008) Research Techniquesin Dairy Chemistry. NDRI, Publication No.37/2008 p1-100
  5. Bimlesh Mann, Darshan lal and Moti Ram (2010) Chemical Analysis of food and food products. Dairy Chemistry Division NDRI, Karnal. Publication No.58/2010 p1-110
  6. Rajan Sharma, Amit Kumar Barui, LaxmanaNaik, Dr. Y. S. Rajput (2012) Methods for Detection of Adulterants in Milk
  7. Sharma, Rajan, Mann, Bimlesh, Lal, Darshan; Rajput, Y.S. and Lata, K. (2013) Milk Carbohydrates, minerals and water soluble vitamins. NDRI Publication No. 104/2013 p1-98
  8. Bimlesh Mann, Rajesh Kumar and Rajan Sharma (2012) Physical Chemistry of Milk and Milk Products NDRI, Karnal. Publication No.89/2012 p1-104
Course Offered
List of course offered

S. No

Course No.



1 DC-111(2+1) Physical Chemistry of milk B.Tech
2 DC-122(2+1) Chemistry of milk
3 DC-311(2+1) Chemical Quality Assurance- e-course developed under NAIP
4 DC-322(2+1) Food Chemistry
5 DC-612(2+1) Milk carbohydrates, minerals and water soluble vitamins
6 DC-613(2+1) Chemistry of Milk Lipids M.Sc/
7 DC-614(3+1) Food Chemistry
8 DC-619(1+0) Credit Seminar


Chemistry of Milk Proteins

10 DC-622(3+1) Chemistry of milk products
11 DC-623(2+1) Chemical quality assurance
12 DC-624(1+2) Research Techniques
13 DC-711(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of milk proteins


14 DC-712(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of milk lipids
15 DC-713(3+0) Advances in Chemistry of functional dairy foods & neutraceuticals
16 DC-719(1+0) Credit Seminar
17 DC-721(3+0) Advances in the chemistry of milk processing
18 DC-722(3+0) Advances in analytical techniques in dairy chemistry

Central Facility: Instrument room -1 

Equipped with HPLC, GC, Lyophilizer, Automatic nitrogen digestion-distillation system, Ultra filtration, Isoelectric focusing system, Electrophoresis, Imaging system,  Refrigerated centrifuges, Dual beam digital Spectrophotometer(2), Water purification system, Sonifier etc.

Research Labs: 7
Quality issues related to milk and milk products, fortified foods/ functional foods and Milk bioactive proteins and peptides etc. Labs are equipped with Refrigerated Centrifuges, DH Analyzer (pH stat autotitrator), Multiplate Reader, Ultrafilteration Unit, Freeze Dryers, One orbital shaker incubator, High speed homogeniser, Vacuum concentrator, Preparative HPLC, HPLC with PDA, RI and Fluorescence Detector, Atomic Absorbance Spectrophotometer, Rancimat, UV.VIS Spectrophotometer, Water Purification System, Kubota High speed centrifuge

New Facility Added: National Referral Center for Milk Quality and Safety:
FTIR, HPLC, GC-MS, AAS, PCR, Real-time PCR, Particle size analyser, Electrophoresis, Elisa Reader, Western Blot, Digital Refractometer, Protein Analyzer, Lyophilizer, Fume Hoods, Block heaters , pH, Conductivity & O2 Meter

Consultancy Service

Division of Dairy Chemistry provide consultancy services in the following area

  1. Setting up of quality control lab
  2. Training to dairy personnel in chemical testing of milk and milk products
    • Chemical analysis of milk and milk products
    • Evaluation studies
    • Validation studies

Type of Publication

Last Five Year

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Review articles


Popular/technical papers


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Teaching Manuals


Leaflets/booklets /Panels etc.


Special lectures delivered/published in CAS courses/summer schools/winter schools/training programmes etc


Research presentation (abstracts etc.) in conferences


Grand Total
Abroad Visit
  • Dr. Bimlesh Mann Invited to present a paper in the “2013, Joint Annual Meeting” (2013 JAM) of the American Dairy Science Association (ADSA) and American Society of Animal Science (ASAS) Indiana convention Center, Indianapolis, Indiana, USA 8th July to 12th July, 2013.
  • Dr.Rajan Sharma has been visited University of Wisconsin-Madison (UW), USA for attending training programme for “Khorana Program –Technology Transfer Course” sponsored by Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Govt of India in partnership with and the Indo-US Science and Technology Forum (IUSSTF) during July 20, 2013 to August 3, 2013 
  • Dr. Sumit Arora has been visited Teagasc Moorpark Food Research Centre, Moorpark, Fermoy, Ireland from February 04, 2013 to 11, 2013 and July 26th to 30th, 2014 under the DST research project (Indo-Ireland) entitled  “Phylogenetic study of ruminal bacteria and its potential for CLA production and gene expression pattern of linoleic acid isomerase and reductase with different dietary supplementary supplementation and its subsequent utilization as probiotics for animals”
  • Dr.Rajan Sharma has been visited University of Illinois, Urbana Champaign, Urbana, IL (USA) (Under NAIP Funded Project) Training on Lateral flow separation of aptamer linked nanostructures under NAIP Funded Project during March 10 to April 8, 2010
  • Dr. Sumit Arora has been visited University of Georgia, Athens, USA for attending training in the area of “Application of extrusion technology for composite dairy foods” under NAIP Project entitled “Development and commercialization of composite dairy foods with enhanced health attributes” under Component-2, from February 25 to March 26, 2011
Current Projects

Externally Funded Projects

Chemical quality assurance of milk and milk products

  1. Development of Strip based Detection Tests for selected Adulterants and Contaminants in Milk (2013-2015) (49.848 lakh)
  2. Development of chromatographic and PCR based methodology to ascertain the Quality of milk fat and its validation under field conditions. (2014) (14.85 lakh)
  3. Development of Aptamer Based Detection System for Aflatoxin   M1 in Milk (Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India) (2014-2017) (Rs. 45.362 lakh)
Functional Dairy foods/ Nutraceuticals:
  1. Production of buffalo casein hydrolysates enriched with antioxidative and immunomodulatory peptides and their application for the development of functional beverage (2013- 2015) (50.00 lakh)
  2. Mineral bound milk based ingredients: preparation, characterization and application (2013 - 2015) (46.852 lakh)
  3. Preparation and Characterization of Nanoemulsions of Curcumin for their use in Functional Foods” (2014 – 2015) (19.97 lakh)

Future Thrust Areas

  1. Chemical quality assurance of milk and milk products
  2. unctional Dairy foods/ Nutraceuticals
  1. NRDC Meritorious Invention Award – 2013 for the innovation/invention “Test for detection of detergent in milk” by National Research Development Corporation on December 17, 2014. (Dr. Rajan Sharma and Mr. Amit Barui)
  2. Conferred the fellowship of the National Academy of Dairy Science (India) to Dr Sumit Arora and Dr.Rajan Sharma (2014)
  3. Best Teacher Award to Dr. Bimlesh MannPrincipal Scientist, Dairy Chemistry Division in recognition of Outstanding Contributions as a teacher at NDRI for the year -2012-13
  4. Prof Jiwan Singh Sidhu Award (2012) to recognize the teacher-par-excellence to Dr Bimlesh Mann, Head & Principal Scientist, Dairy Chemistry Division by the Association of food Scientist and Technologist (India) in the 7th International Food Convention organized by  CSRI-CFTRI, Mysore, DFRI, Mysore and NIFTEM Sonipat from 18th -21st Dec. 2013.
  5. Erasmus Mundus Grant as Visiting Professor for teaching and research guidance to the International students of food science and nutrition at Dublin Institute of technology, Ireland, to the following scientists: 
    • Dr.Sumit Arora (2009)
    • Dr Rajesh Kumar (2011)
    • DrRajan Sharma (2012)
    • Dr Bimlesh Mann (2012)
    • Dr Vivek Sharma (2012)
  6. Dr. rajan Sharma awarded Indo-US Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science & Technology Fellows Program (2007-08) of USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, USA under Indo-US Agricultural Knowledge Initiative.
  7. Dr. K.K. Iya Award (2003 - 2007 & 2004 - 2008)-Dr Sumit Arora by the Alumni association NDRI for outstanding contribution in Dairy Processing research.
Faculty profile
Dr. (Mrs.) Bimlesh Mann Principal  Scientist & Head
Dr. Ramesh Seth Principal Scientist
Dr. Sumit Arora Principal Scientist
Dr. Rajesh Kumar Principal Scientist
Dr. Vivek Sharma Principal Scientist
Dr. Rajan Sharma Principal Scientist
Dr. Indumathi K.P. Scientist
Dr. Priyanka Singh Rao Scientist
Dr. Richa Singh Scientist
Dr. Kamal Gandhi Scientist
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