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Dairy Chemistry
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The mandate of division is to conduct fundamental and applied research for understanding chemistry of milk and milk products, to impart educational programmes for undergraduate and postgraduate courses and to provide R&D support towards chemical-quality control related problems of the dairy industry.

The Division has contributed significant knowledge on the chemistry of milk and milk products. The salient achievements are: evaluation of physico-chemical properties of buffalo milk and alteration in its calcium and casein levels and micellar stability enabling manufacture of satisfactory products like cheese, condensed milk and rasogolla; humanization of buffalo milk and glyceride structure of buffalo milk fat; evaluating role of phospholipids in stability of dairy products; revealing chemistry of ghee and ghee residue flavour; antioxidant properties of ghee residue; chemical make up and structural integrity of milk fat globule membrane; influence of various processing parameters on the major minerals and trace elements and their partitioning; rapid and simple methods for the determination of SNF in milk; formulation of quality standards of milk and milk products now prescribed by the  Central Committee of Food Standards under the Ministry of Health as well as Bureau of Indian Standards; modification of Gerber test for simultaneous estimation of milk fat and availability of fat for detection of adulteration; simple tests for the detection of adulteration of milk and milk products; methods of manufacturing of butter and cheese colour from annatto seeds; preparation of rennet from fistulated calves and vegetable sources; structure and bacteriostatic role of lactoferrin; characterization and crystallization of buffalo lactoperoxidase; functional properties of WPC; renovation of rancid ghee and role of antioxidants in enhancing the shelf life of fat rich dairy products; effect of processing treatments on vitamins; status of pesticides and antibiotic residues in milk and milk products;  methodologies for non-dairy whitener, low fat frozen dessert, calcium fortified milk, coconut filled Gouda cheese and low cholesterol ghee- patents in pipe-line; a platform test for detection of detergent in milk; a colour based test to detect adulteration of milk with 2.5 to 10% soya milk; a multi-purpose device for dialysis; buffer exchange and concentration; a rapid method of cholesterol estimation in anhydrous milk fat using diagnostic kit based method was developed. A method has been developed for the estimation of urea in milk using ammonia sensing electrode; a simple test known as “apparent solidification time test” has been developed for detection of foreign oils and fats adulterated in ghee; immobilized urease with enhanced storage and thermal stability; methods for cholesterol estimation using enzymatic diagnostic kit and o-phthaldehyde (OPA) reagent; technology for preparation of artificially sweetened whey lemon beverage and high antioxidant based fruit whey beverages.

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Research Activity & Achievements
Important research findings
  1. Kit for detection of milk adulteration
  2. A colour based method for detection of adulteration of vegetable oil in ‘desi ghee’
  3. A method for detection of detergent in milk.
  4. A method for estimation of added urea in milk using p-dimethyl benzaldehyde.
  5. A laboratory scale procedure for preparation of low cholesterol ghee
  6. A colour based method for detection of ‘soymilk’ in milk
  7. Process for low fat frozen dessert using starch hydrolysate
  8. Technology for preparation of artificially sweetened flavoured milk, lassi and whey beverages
  9. Methods for pesticide residue analysis in milk & milk products
  10. Technology for high antioxidant based fruit whey beverages
  11. A method for detection of vegetable oil in milk using a specially designed butyrometer – adopted by BIS
  12. A method for estimation of urea in milk using ammonia sensing electrode 
  13. Rapid methods for isolation of cholesterol in ghee and its estimation through enzymatic and non-enzymatic diagnostic kits
  14. Methods for simultaneous isolation of multiple sweeteners & their degradation products & their analysis over HPLC in a single run
  15. A quick flask method for estimation of total carbonyl in oils/fats.
  16. Lactoperoxidase from buffalo milk crystallized & characterized by x-ray crystallography
  17. Method for estimation of conjugated linoleic acid (CLA) in buffalo milk cheddar cheese
  18. A new milk pipette (10.75 ml) for accurate estimation of fat in buffalo milk-adopted by BIS.
  19. Evaluated stability of low calorie artificial sweeteners in indigenous dairy products
  20. Chemistry of ghee flavour revealed – more than 100 flavour compounds including free fatty acids, carbonyls & lactones
  21. Developed lactometer suitable under Indian conditions for  estimation of SNF content in milk - Adopted by BIS
  22. Preparation of ghee from high fat cream/ butter through microwave technology and evaluation of its chemical quality

 Technologies – Patents Filed

  1. A Kit for detection of detergent in milk
  2. A kit for detection of adulteration of milk with soymilk
  3. Process for Calcium enrichment of Buffalo Milk
  4. Process for low fat frozen dessert using starch hydrolysate
  5. Synbiotic ice-cream
  6. A process for preparation of low cholesterol ghee
  7. Process for coconut cream filled Gouda Cheese
  8. A multipurpose device for concentration, dialysis and buffer exchange of protein solution and a process for the same
  9. Process for Spray–dried Non-dairy coffee whitener
  10. Manufacture of evaporated milk from buffalo milk.

Technologies commercialized

  1. A platform test for detection of detergent in milk
  2. Calcium enrichment of milk
  3. Adulteration detection kit

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Teaching activities
List of course offered
  1. List of course offered

S. No

Course No.


Class/Credit Hours



Physical Chemistry of milk


B.Tech / 12



Chemistry of milk



Chemical Quality Assurance



Food Chemistry



Milk carbohydrates, minerals and water soluble vitamins




Chemistry of Milk Lipids



Food Chemistry



 Chemistry of Milk Proteins

M.Sc / 25+7+11+20 =63



Chemistry of milk products



Chemical quality assurance



Research Techniques



Advances in Chemistry of milk proteins



Ph.D / 17+15+45=77



Advances in Chemistry of milk lipids



Advances in Chemistry of functional dairy foods & neutraceuticals



Advances in the chemistry of milk processing



Advances in analytical techniques in dairy chemistry

  1. List of on-going student research projects

          Phd Projects - 2

    1. Production and characterization of casein derived antioxidative peptides using proteinases from lactobacillus- Mr Ramesh V
    2. Production and characterization of caseinophosphopetides from buffalo milk- Ms  Prerna Saini
  1. Number of master degrees awarded to-date  about  375

  2. Number of doctoral degrees awarded to date  about 75

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List of faculty member along with their profile
  1. Dr.(Mrs) Bimlesh Mann, Principal Scientist, Head
  2. Dr. Darshan Lal, Principal Scientist
  3. Dr. Raman Seth, Principal Scientist
  4. Dr. Sumit Arora, Senior Scientist
  5. Dr. Vivek Sharma, Senior Scientist
  6. Dr. Rajan Sharma, Senior Scientist
  7. Dr. Rajesh Kumar, Senior Scientist
  8. Laxmana Naik N


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Important state of the art equipments

GLC, HPLC, Ultracentrifuge, Lyophilizer, Automatic nitrogen digestion-distillation system, Ultra filtration, Isoelectric focusing system, Electrophoresis, Imaging system, Lactostar, Refrigerated centrifuge, Spectrophotometer etc.

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Central facilities
  1. State of the art air conditioned Seminar room
  2. Lecture room equipped with interactive board, LCD projectors, Visualiser, Podium
  3. Quality control Lab - 1
  4. Undergraduate labs – 2
  5. Postgraduate lab – 1
  6. Instrument room -3

Dr.AK Srivastava, Director NDRI delivering lecture on the inauguration of state-of- art lecture room in Dairy Chemistry Division, NDRI, Karnal on 23rd July, 2009.

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Consultancy Service

Division of  Dairy Chemistry provide consultancy services in the following area

    1. Setting up of quality control lab
    2. Training to dairy personnel in chemical testing of milk and milk products
    3. Chemical analysis of milk and milk products
    4. Evaluation studies
    5. Validation studies


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Any other : Publications from Dairy Chemistry Division (1999-2009)

Type of Publication



Research Paper



Review articles



Popular/technical papers



Hindi publication






Compendium of all training and summer schools



Book chapters



Teaching Manuals



Research Bulletins



Externally funded project research reports



Deputation report abroad



Leaflets/booklets /Panels etc.



Special lectures delivered/published in CAS courses/summer schools/winter schools/training programmes etc



Research presentation (abstracts etc.) in conferences





Manual from Dairy Chemistry available at ATIC for sale

  1. Research Techniques in Dairy Chemistry (Bimlesh Man, Rajesh Bajan, R.B. Sangwan) – 2008
  2. A Laboratory manual on chemical analysis of milk proteins (Rajesh Bajaj, R.B. Sangwan, Bimlesh Man) -  2007
  3. A Laboratory manual on analysis of artificial sweeteners in dairy products (Arora, S; Sharma, V; Wadhwa, B. K; Sharma, G. S; Singh, A. K. and George, V.)-2007
  4. A Laboratory manual on analysis of milk lipids (ghee) ( Sharma, V; Arora, S; Lal, D and Wadhwa, B. K ) -2007.

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Current Projects

IRC Projects

  1. Development of functional food ingredients by enzymatic modification of whey proteins
  2. Evaluation of diagnostic kits for cholesterol estimation in ghee and development of a method for estimation of residual adsorbent in ghee.
  3. Analysis of sweetener blends (aspartame x acesulfame-k & aspartame x saccharin) and their stability in whey beverage.
  4. Studies on antioxidant potential of milk-fruit preparations
  5. Preparation of protein rich powder from buffalo colostrums.


Externally Funded Projects

  1. Development of simple enzymatic tests for monitoring heat treatments in milk and milk products under pasteurization conditions (APCESS)
  2. Development of method for the detection of adulteration of milk with `Soya Milk’ (HSCST)
  3. Novel approached for production of nutraceuticals from milk and Indian herbs for potential use in functional dairy foods (NAIP-Partnership with Dairy Technology Division)
  4. A value chain on composite dairy food with enhanced health attributes (NAIP-Partnership with Dairy Technology Division)
  5. Detection and Mitigation of Dairy Pathogens and Detection of Adulterants using Chemical Biology (NAIP-Partnership with  Animal Biochemistry)


Recent Rewards

  1. Indo-US Norman E. Borlaug International Agricultural Science & Technology Fellows Program (2007-08) of USDA’s Foreign Agricultural Service, USA.- Dr. Rajan Sharma
  2. Erasmus Mundus Grant as Visiting Professor for teaching and research guidance to the International students of food science and nutrition at Dublin Institute of technology, Ireland from 9th Feb to 9th April 2009. – Dr.Sumit Arora


Future Thrust Areas

  1. Development / Validation of new methods for analysis of dairy products
  2. Development of new methods to detect adulteration in milk and milk products
    • Strip based methods; biosensor/nanotechnology approach
    • Detection of Melamine in milk
  3. Low-cholesterol indigenous dairy products
  4. Low – cholesterol herbal (Brahmi, Arjun, Chaal and Aloevera) dairy products
  5. Formulation and validation of new functional ingredients-for functional foods
    • Buffalo colostrums, MFGM, phytochemicals, Protein hydrolysates
  6. Development of a process for multiple micronutrient (minerals and vitamins) fortified milk
  7. Analysis of contaminants
  8. Fractionation/ purification of proteins of industrial importance from whey and to integrate and optimize scale up conditions for bioactive whey proteins.
  9. Formulation/ Revision of new standards for milk and milk products


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