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Saleable Technologies
Formulated cattle feeds
  • Total mixed rations
  • Utilization of soyapulp as cattle feed
  • Urea molasses mineral lick
  • Ration for Meat production from buffalo male calves
  • Bypass protein technology for high producing animals
  • Mineral mixture in dairy animals
  • Leucaena leaf meal (LLM) – A highly nutritious leaf meal
  • Milk replacer for economic feeding of pre-ruminants
  • Herbal feed additives
  • Chelated mineral for ruminants
Manufacturing and Preservation of Feeds
  • Chemical preservation of high moisture green fodders.
  • Manufacturing process for complete feed block
Feed Treatments for Improved Nutritive Value
  • Degcure mixture for treatment and prevention of degnala disease.
  • Urea-ammonia treatment of crop residues to improve their nutritive value
  • Lime treatment of straws to improve their nutritive value for ruminants
Process Equipments For Indian Dairy Products
  • Continuous ghee making machine
  • Mechanized conical process vat
  • Paneer making gadget
  • Continuous butter melter
  • Continuous Khoa making machine
  • Continuous Paneer making machine
  • Rasogolla-ball forming machine
Convenience Mixes for Traditional Dairy Products
  • Khoa powder
  • Gulabjamun mix powder
  • Low –fat Gulabjamun mix
  • Low-fat Rasogolla mix
  • Rasogolla mix powder
  • Instant Kulfi mix powder
  • Instant kheer mix
  • Instant Rasmalai mix
  • Instant Basundi mix
  • Dalia Dessert mix
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