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The scientific competence and excellence in conducting various research programmes at the institute has attracted funds from various National and International Organisations/agencies. To exchange information and acquire current and advanced knowledge in basic and applied fields of Dairy Science, the Institute maintains close liaison with various ICAR/CSIR Institutes, Dept. of Biotechnology, Dept. of Science and Technology, NDDB, Ministry of Food Processing & Industry, SAUs and various State Government Agencies at National level and several International Organisations such as World Bank, IAEA, UNDP, IDF, DAAD, Volkswagen Foundation, AvH Foundation and several leading institutions in UK, USA, Canada, Germany, Netherlands and Australia at International level.
Linkages with International/National Agencies
Area Project/PI Sponsoring /
Collaborating Agency
Recombinant Lactoferrin
Cloning, Expression and Production of Haemeproteins by Yeast in Fermenters for Combating Nutritional Iron Defciency (Sunita Grover)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi/NCL and NCCS, Pune
Molecular Genetics
Identification of Quantitative trait loci in the Genome of Indigenous Breeds of Cattle and Buffaloes and their Propagation through Marker Assisted Selection (B. R. Yadav)
National Fellowship
Multiplication of Superior Germplasm
Establishment and Maintenance of Buffalo Embryonic Stem Cell Lines (M. S. Chauhan)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Development of Block and Real Time PCR Kits for Multi- Pathogen Detection for Application in Dairy Industry (Sunita Grover)
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Farm Level Kits
Development of Microbial based “On Farm” Rapid Kits for the etection of Antibiotic Residues in Raw Milk during Production and Processing (Naresh Kumar)
Ministry of Food Processing Industries
Tissue Culture
Production of Competent Donor Cells from Skin Fibroblasts of Elite Sahiwal Cattle and Gene Expression/Nuclear Transfer Studies (N. Anand Laxami)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Development of Molecular Techniques for Identifcation and Typing of Indigenous Probiotic Cultures (V. K. Batish)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi, National Centre for Cell Science Pune
Vitamin B12
Exploring Propionibacteria as a Potential Source of Vitamin B12 and Functional Probiotic Ingredient in a Dairy Based Nutraceutical Formulation (S. K. Tomar)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Animal Nutrition
Increasing the Anticarcinogenic Potency of Buffalo Milk by Enhancing its CLA Content through Dietary Modifcation (A. K. Tyagi)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Animal Nutrition
Mitigation of Methane Emission through Rumen Manipulation for Increased Productivity in Buffaloes (S. K. Sirohi)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Animal Nutrition
Evaluation of Cellulase and Xylanase (Exogenous Fibrolytic Enzymes) as Feed Additives for Growth and Milk Production in Ruminants (S. S. Thakur)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Animal Nutrition
Uncertaintly Reduction in Methane and Nitrous Oxide Emission from Indian Livestock (Madhu Mohini)
Ministry of Environment & Forest
Development of Probiotic food
Development of Probiotic Dahi for Immune System Modulation Cholesterol Lowering and Anticarcinogenic Attributes (V. K. Kansal)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Recombinant Phytase
Expression of Phytase in Pichia Pastoris and Optimization of Fermentation and Downstream Processing at 10 L Fermenter Scale (Sunita Grover)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi/NCL, Pune
Reproduction Genomics
Fertility Performance and Analysis of CYP19 Gene Regulation in Buffalo (Dr. Dheer Singh)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Bioactive/ Nutraceutical/ Therapeutic Milk Proteins
Energetics and Dynamics of Protein Stability and Iron Binding Properties and their Modulation by Domain-Domain Interactions in Lactoferrins from Various Animal Species (J. K. Kaushik)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Cloning, Expression and Functional Characterization of a Mammary Gland Protein MGP-40 Expressed during Mammary Gland Involution and Exploring its Potential as a prognostic Mammary Biomarker in Farm Animals (A. K. Mohanty)
Department of Biotechnology New Delhi
Microbial Diversity
Microbial Diversity in Indian Dairy Products and Use of Novel Micro-organism in Functional/Probiotics Foods (S. De.)
Linkages with State Agricultural Universities/State Departments/Other ICAR Institutes/Industries
Area Project/PI Collaborating Agencies
Indigenous Milk Product Technologies
Network Project on R&D Support for “Process Upgradation of Indigenous Milk Products for Industrial Application” (G. R. Patil)
SMC College of Dairy Science, GAU, Anand; WBUAFS, Mohanpur (W.B.); SRS, Bangalore; BHU, Varansi; IIT, Khargpur
Progeny Testing of Murrah Buffaloes
Network Project on Buffalo Improvement (A. K. Chakravarty and Avtar Singh)
CIRB, Hisar; PAU, Ludhiana and CCS HAU, Hisar; IVRI, Bairelly; NDAUT, Faizabad
Sahiwal Sire Evaluation
Identification and Multiplication of Sahiwal Germplasm (R. S. Gandhi)
Govt. Livestock Farm, Lucknow; Govt. Cattle Breeding Farm, Durg, Chhattisgarh; College of Veterinary Science and Animal Husbandry, Durg; Shri Gaushala Trust, Bhiwani
Environmental Physiology
Impact Adaptation and Vulnerability of Indian Agriculture to Climate Change (R. C. Upadhyay)
ICAR (Network Project)
Reproduction Genomics
Buffalo Production and Reproduction Genomics (T.K. Datta)
Niche Area (ICAR)
Feed Production
Cattle Feed Production from Selective Seaweeds of Indian Coast (S. N. Rai)
Milk Enzymes
Development of Simple Enzymatic Tests for Monitoring Heat Treatments in Milk and Milk Products under Pasteurization Conditions (Rajan Sharma)
Clean Milk Production
Studies on the Management Practices of Rural Dairy Cattle for Clean Milk Production in Eastern India (P. K. Roy)
WBUAFS, Kolkata
Reproductive Physiology
Development of Estrus Synchronizat ion Protocols in Mithun (Bos frontalis) for Fixed Time Insemination (B. S. Prakash)
NRC on Mithun, Jharnapani, Nagaland
Tissue Culture
Optimization of Gene Transfection in Skin Fibroblast Cells of Sahiwal Cattle for in vitro Expression (N. Anand Laxmi)
NBAGR, Karnal
Rumen Manipulation
Rumen Microbial Manipulation for Mitigation of Methane Emission and Productivity Enhancement in Dairy Animals (S. K. Sirohi and A. Santra)
NIANP, Bangalore; IVRI, Izatnagar (NFBSRA)
Reproductive Physiology
Endocrine Profiles and Characterization of Candidate Genes Infuencing Prolifcacy of Black Bengal Goat (B. S. Prakash)
ICAR Research Complex for NEH Region, Tripura
Quality Assurance
Development of Method for the Detection of Adulteration of Milk with “Soya Milk” (Rajan Sharma)
HSCST, Chandigarh
NAIP Projects
Area Project/PI Collaborating Agencies
NDRI as Lead Institute
Reproduction Augmentation/ Genomics
Elucidating the Physiological and Genomic Regulation Process of Follicular Development, Oocyte Maturation and Embryogenesis in buffalo (T. K. Datta)
CIRB, Hisar; NIANP, Bangalore and IISC, Bangalore
Stem Cells
Characterization and Differentiation of Embryonic, Adult and Spermatogonial Stem Cells in Cattle and Buffaloes (M. S. Chauhan)
PDC, Meerut
Genomics/ Proteomics
Analysis of Mammary Gland Transcriptome and Proteome during Lactation and Involution in Indigenous Cattle and Buffalo for Identifcation of Probable mammary Markers (A. K. Mohanty)
NBAGR, Karnal and NCHGS&R, Punjab University, Chandigarh
NDRI as Consortium Partner
Development of Biosensors and Micro-techniques for Analysis of Pesticide Residues, Afatoxin, Heavy Metals and Bacterial Contamination in Milk (Naresh Goel)
BITS, Pilani, Goa; IIT, Delhi and Punjab University, Patiala
Development of wireless Sensor Network for Animal Management (A. P. Ruhil)
IIT, Delhi
Policy Planning
PME Cell under Visioning, Policy Analysis and Gender (V-PAGE) (Director, NDRI/B. S. Chandel)
NCAP, New Delhi
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