National Collection of Dairy Cultures

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National Collection Of Dairy Cultures
The National Collection of Dairy Cultures (NCDC) has been established in the Division of Dairy Microbiology for the last 40 years. The cultures were initially maintained on solid media by periodic sub culturing. However, freeze drying was introduced in 1964 for long term preservation of cultures. A total of 102 cultures were held at NCDC in 1962 and the culture repository grew upto 420 from 1995 to till date. The first catalogue of NCDC strains was published in 1996 and a supplement was brought out in 1997. The NCDC stock includes strains of bacteria, yeasts and molds of general interest to education, research and institution.
The main interest of the collection lies in the lactic acid bacteria from dairy sources. In addition to individual strain cultures, the NCDC also holds mixed strains (traditional) and defined strain formulated cultures for making different varieties of cheese and fermented milk products. The NCDC also organizes specialized training programs and workshops to provide knowhow on maintenance and preservation of cultures, propagation of dairy starters and other related aspects.
The NCDC is an affiliate member of the World Federation for Cultures Collection (WFCC) since 1996 (home page and is also registered with the World Data Center on Micro-organisms (registration number WDCM 775). It has also been listed in the World Directory of Culture Collections published by WDCM, Japan. The World Directory of Culture Collection is also available online (CCINFO database) at the home page of WDCM (http:/ and WFCC.